Emilie's Voltaire

Dramatic Comedy / 1m, 1f Emilie's Voltaire is a passionate dramatic comedy that explores a love affair that scandalized all of Europe between Voltaire, the greatest wit of his time, and the beautiful scientist Emilie du Chatelet. It takes place before the French Revolution. Winner of the Galileo Prize fo Playwriting What happens when the minds of two seekers of knowledge, one a challenger of life and the other a hedonistic rule breaker, meet? The result is a tumultuous, fascinating 16-year love affair that is wonderfully portrayed in Arthur Giron's Emilie's Voltaire...The captivating Emilie's Voltaire is an inside look at genius and the underlying emotions that feed it. Definitely a bit of history you're pleased to discover. - OffBroadway.com The intellectual, emotional and sexual sparks fly...an unusual and fascinating play. - William Wolf, Wolf Entertainment Guide Arthur Giron's words are what actors long to wrap their voices around. - The New York Examiner A beautiful pas de deux of dialogue! - MusicOMH