Emerging Topics in Heat Transfer: Enhancement and Heat Exchangers

Presented in ten edited chapters this book encompasses important emerging topics in heat transfer equipment, particularly heat exchangers. The chapters have all been selected by invitation only. Advances in high temperature equipment and small scale devices continue to be important as the involved heat transfer and related phenomena are often complex in nature and different mechanisms like heat conduction, convection, turbulence, thermal radiation and phase change as well as chemical reactions may occur simultaneously. The book treats various operating problems, like fouling, and highlights applications in heat exchangers and gas turbine cooling. In engineering design and development, reliable and accurate computational methods are required to replace or complement expensive and time consuming experimental trial and error work. Tremendous advancements in knowledge and competence have been achieved during recent years due to improved computational solution methods for non-linear partial differential equations, turbulence modelling advancement and developments of computers and computing algorithms to achieve efficient and rapid simulations.The chapters of the book thoroughly present such advancement in a variety of applications.