Emerging Democracies in East Central Europe and the Balkans

This book offers a comprehensive analytical comparison of the democratization process in twelve countries of East Central Europe and the Balkans. It characterizes the types of democratization which have occurred in the region from 1989 until the end of 1997 and sets these recent changes within the framework of the political history of the countries. Emerging Democracies in East Central Europe and the Balkans takes a unique look at the democratization process using evidence which is not readily available in the existing literature. It examines less well-known countries including Albania and Macedonia, and more complex countries such as Serbia. Atilla Agh analyses the political, parliamentary and party developments from a comparative perspective both within the countries themselves and within the region as a whole. Considering all countries within the same theoretical framework, he also examines the long-term historical dimension and legacies of political culture. In addition, he analyses the goals of achieving Euro-Atlantic integration and the preparation of full membership to NATO and the European Union. Finally, he compares these new democracies with developments in Southern Europe and Latin America. This book will be welcomed by scholars and students of comparative politics and politics of emerging democracies as well as government officials and policymakers.