Emergence for Life Not Fall from Grace: Making Sense of the Jesus Story in the Light of Evolution

Evolution is one of the most important scientific discoveries in the last 150 years. The idea of evolution is far-reaching, affecting not only science but also cultural changes, the social sciences, economics, ecology and theology. How does an evolutionary perspective on life shape the ways the Christian story is told and celebrated? What is the relationship between science and Christianity? Kevin Treston explores these questions through an analysis of the dominant Genesis origin myth of the Fall which traditionally has provided the framework for explaining the redemptive mission of Christ. A literalist interpretation of the Genesis origin myth of the Fall is simply not compatible with proven science about the evolution of the universe and the human species. How does a modern Christian understand the doctrines of Atonement and Original Sin which emanated from the origin myth of the Fall? Kevin Treston proposes a telling of the Christian story from the perspective of Emergence, rather than Fall, as an evolutionary faith journey. Such a story challenges the Christian church to respond creatively to the whole new world with such issues as globalisation, cyber technology, growing disparity between rich and poor, scientific consciousness, ecumenism, gender equity movements and a growing ecological crisis.