Elsevier's Dictionary of Industrial Technology: In English, German and Portuguese

Technical literature in the Portuguese language is very rare; this is the reason for the compilation of this technical dictionary. The material is rich in synonyms in each of the three languages, English, German and Portuguese. The dictionary encompasses some of the most important technical fields related to industrial activity, such as: Petrochemical industry. Geological history; Oil exploration, oil drilling, offshore drilling; Oil shale processing; Coal mining; Oil refining, cracking, distillation. Textile Industry. Machinery; Textile fabrics, fibres; Spinning, weaving, knitting, weaves, knits; Treatment and finishing, dyes. Leather Industry. Leather types; Leather treatment. Engineering Materials. Modified natural products; Synthetic plastics; Polymers, polycondensation products, polyaddition products; Glass; Paper, wood, glues, paints and varnishes; Metals. Cleaners Industry. Detergents; Waxes, emulsifiers. Industrial Processes. Fermentation; Catalysis and catalysts; Sulphuric-acid production. Machinebuilding Industry. Machines; Tools; Machine parts. Nucleonics, Nuclear Energy. Electrical Engineering. Electrical technology; Electronics; Semiconductor technology. Motor Car Industry. Motor car; Internal combustion engine; Lorries; Agricultural machines; Road construction machines.