Elizabeth: Behind Palace Doors

This remarkable biography, Elizabeth: Behind The Palace Doors, contains secrets about the royal family that have never been brought to the attention of the country she rules over. The lives of the Queen Prince Philp and their children are examined and exposed to reveal the Windsor family's history of adultery, passion, jealousy and mental cruilty. Also exposed are the dark secrets of the unbelievable relationship between Prince Philip and one of the Queen's own cousins. The book examine sthe mood, the ambitions and the forebodings of the Queen at the start of the new millennium. But more importantly, he gives us an insight into the reality of the relationship between the Queen and her husband, exposing the Queen as an indifferen perfunctory mother and prince Philip as a bullying, domineering father. It investigates the early years of Charles Anne Andrew and Edward their relationships with their parents and their own various love affairs, marriages, separations and divorces. The marriage of Charles and Diana is scrutinised in intimate detail, including an insight into their arguments and fights, and for the first time the principle