Electrician's Wiring Regs Bundle

Combining three essential guides to the new 17th edition Wiring Regulations, this bundle provides complete coverage for the electrician at a great price! Using diagrams, charts, tables and simply presented text the books explain in clear language those parts of the regulations that most need simplifying. Explained and Illustrated (ISBN: 9780750687201) focuses on common misconceptions in the application of the Wiring Regulations. Carefully matched to C&G 2382-10 and 2382-20 it contains sample exam questions and answers and is an ideal study guide. Inspection, Testing and Certification (ISBN: 9780750687195) clarifies the Regs, demonstrating the latest test methods and showing you how to complete electrical installation certificates. Carefully matched to C&G 2391-10 and 2392-10 it contains a sample paper and suggested solutions helping study and revision. Design and Verification (ISBN: 9780750687218) provides an understanding of basic design criteria and calculations, along with current inspection and testing requirements. Carefully matched to C&G 2391 -20 it contains everything needed to pass the latest qualifications. Bundled together to save you money, this is the ideal way to get to grips with the new Regs as quickly and as cheaply as possible.