Elections and Voters in Post-communist Russia

Throughout the formerly communist world a single party monopoly has been replaced by multi-party politics and competitive elections. Drawing on the most recent work of the leading specialists in modern Russian politics, this path-breaking volume marks a decisive advance in our understanding of the relationships between voters, political parties and the conduct of the government in what is still the world's largest country. Issues addressed include: * the effects of the electoral system and of electoral campaigns * regional dimensions of party support * parties in the state Duma and the uncertain evolution of a post-communist party system * the turnout of voters for elections * leader popularity and party development * ideological divisions and party-building * the divisions between the left and right Written in a clear, accessible style, this book links developments in Russia to general themes in political science, and especially to other post-communist countries. It will be welcomed by scholars and students of the development and transformation of post-communist politics, and by a wider readership in comparative politics.