El Juramento De Lealtad (the Pledge of Allegiance): Un Poema De Patriotismo (Poem of Patriotism)

Act out the story of two boy scouts who learn the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance! This script has been translated into Spanish and features roles written to match different reading levels, supporting differentiation and English language learner strategies. By utilizing these strategies, teachers can assign specific roles to their readers based on everyone's current reading level. This feature allows everyone to get involved in the same activity and feel successful! All readers can gain confidence in their reading fluency through performance, regardless of their current reading ability. While performing with others, students will practice interacting cooperatively, reading aloud, and using expressive voices and gestures to better tell the story. This script also features an accompanying poem and song to give readers additional fluency practice. This dynamic, colorful script is the perfect tool for a classroom of diverse readers. It will surely get everyone participating and confidently practicing fluency!