Economic Theory and Policy in Context: Selected Essays of R.D. Collison Black

Economic Theory and Policy in Context brings together a selection of R.D. Collison Black's essays on the relationships between economic theory and policy, viewed historically. Beginning with a series of essays concerned with economists and economic policy in nineteenth century Ireland, the volume continues with a section entitled `In and Out of the Mainstream' featuring studies of the work of economists, both famous and obscure, which reflect their author's special interest in the relation between economics and biography. The final section on the economics of W.S. Jevons brings together papers which encouraged a revival of interest in that economist, including two which were previously unpublished. R.D. Collison Black is one of the very few economists who has used the tools of history to study the relationship of economic theory to policy in detail. Bringing together his most important work in one accessible volume, this collection of his essays will be welcomed by students and researchers in the history of economic thought.