Economic Growth in the West: Comparative Experience in Europe and North America

Paperback / softback
Hailed a an outstanding contribution to our knowledge of the way in which western economies work [Times Literary Supplement], this penetrating study of economic growth compares and analyzes tic rates of economic advance in the twelve leading countries that comprise the industrial West. Mr. Maddison examines why, after relative stagnation for several decades, the rate of economic development accelerated in continental Europe in the 1950's, whether this represented a new economic pattern which could be maintained or was only a passing phase of recovery after World War II. He observes that the economies of North America and the United Kingdom seemed by comparison almost to stand still, and he explores the influence of economic policy on the differing growth rates, and the growth potentials and desirable lines of policy in the industrial West. He then discusses the major powers' policy problems, whose outcome so closely affects the developing nations. Mr. Maddison presents basic statistical series, going back to 1870 in most cases, on gross national products, productivity, population, labor force, employment, working hours, investment and capital-output ratios. He draws upon this rich fund of comparative statistics with skill and insight, relating it throughout to the broad questions of economic policy which are at issue. This classic book was first published in 1964.