Economic and Social Development in South China

Authoritative and contemporary research on the economic expansion of Southern China is collected in this major new volume which explores models and patterns of development in Guangdong, with particular emphasis on the differences across this economically vibrant region. Economic and Social Development in South China brings together research by a pioneering team of academic researchers and includes statistical data on the Pearl River Delta as well as analysis of the metropolitan development in Guangzhou municipal city, civil service reform and social policy in Shenzhen, Guangzhou's municipal leadership and the basic level elections in the region since 1979. Other issues discussed include foreign outward direct investment from Guangdong, the creation of effective environmental law, foreign investment in Guangdong and the emergence of private education in the Pearl River Delta. Southern China's creative approaches to the difficulties and problems encountered since reforms began in the 1970s is rigorously analysed and explored by scholars with exceptional access to local sources and data. Economic and Social Development in South China shows how the use of competing models of economic development encouraged by the authorities will influence and shape the future of the country as a whole.