Ecological-Evolutionary Theory: Principles and Applications

For forty years, in a variety of books and articles, Gerhard Lenski has become themost influential proponent of ecological and evolutionary explanations of humansocieties, their development and transformations, from the Stone Age to thepresent. In his newest book, Lenski offers a succinct but comprehensivestatement of the full body of his theory followed by demonstration of how it canbe used to generate new and valuable insights when applied to a set of highlydiverse issues. These include debates concerning the origin of ancient Israel andits distinctive culture, the rise of the West in the modern era, the highly variedtrajectories of development of Third World nations in recent decades, and thefailure of Marxist efforts to transform society in the Soviet Union and elsewhere.In the concluding chapter, Lenski discusses a number of other issues and areaswhere ecological-evolutionary theory may be fruitfully applied in the future.