Easy Jewelry Chain Making with Janice Berkebile

Unleash your jewelry skills with a comprehensive lesson in making custom chain. Join artist and author Janice Berkebile in 3 watch-and-learn lessons for everything you need to know to take your jewelry to the next level with the versatility of chain. Expand your jewelry-making repertoire with how-tos for simple keyhole links with the use of easy bending techniques, ravishing riveted connections for unique design elements, and chains fused flawlessly with a small butane torch. Order your copy today to: * Add visual interest to your jewelry with the use of easy handmade chain. * Incorporate your style into your pieces with a variety of design and scale options. * Create intricate patterns and effects with the use of textures and stamps. * Learn how to get consistent results for each individual link every time. * Discover expert tips and tricks for using a small torch to fuse fine silver. * And much, much more!