East Meets West in Teacher Preparation: Crossing Chinese and American Boundaries

The teacher-training profession is searching for new ideas to prepare the next generation of teachers who can successfully educate 21st century students. At the same time, there is an increase in foreign-born professors, with one of the most significant groups originating from China. East Meets West in Teacher Preparation gives voice to teacher educators from Chinese backgrounds who are now teaching in America's colleges. With this unique book, the field can learn about Chinese educational thinking and practises directly from educators who have personal and professional knowledge of both the United States and Chinese systems. Readers will come to understand how these bilingual educators view and speak about their lived experiences and perspectives across the Pacific shores; how they reflect on and articulate the similarities and differences between educational systems in the United States and China; what strategies they use to navigate through complex sociocultural boundaries; as well as what possibilities exist for the two systems to learn from each other. This important book will help educators prepare for the intersection already developing between Chinese and American teaching approaches and practises.