Earth Extremes: 9 Projects Made of Space and Time

Christian Waldvogel's work in conceptual and visual art is about the Earth within the solar system and mankind within its world and new imaginations. Waldvogel uses mainly photography, various means of digital image-generation and processing and moving images to create his art. The graduated architect, musician and programmer has been awarded various prizes and grants, and has presented his work in exhibitions in Switzerland, France, Italy, the UK and Egypt, and has lectured in Switzerland, Sweden, Japan and the US. In 2004 he represented Switzerland at the 9th Architecture Biennale in Venice with his work Globus Cassus. 'Earth Extremes' presents nine of Waldvogel's projects from the past six years. They are the result of experimental thinking, of thoughts beyond the usual idea of our world, of eccentric ideas. He creates realistic images of these imagined worlds and concepts, drawing on data gathered by spacecraft, but also on technical experiments he carries-out himself in remote places.