Early Years Practice: Getting it Right From the Start

Unique book integrating the theory and principles of the curriculum framework Aistear, together with the quality standards of Siolta, to provide a context for everyday practice in early years settings. Unlocks links between Aistear and Siolta providing a clear direction for combined effective use. Defines key competencies from Siolta by exploring the four themes of Aistear. Uses examples from Aistear and Siolta to expand on and illustrate key aspects of best early years practice. Strengthens understandings of what constitutes good practice. Introduces reflective practice as a means of raising the quality and effectiveness of practice within early years settings. Draws on research to highlight the effects of quality practice on the development and education of young children. Encourages reform for more effective and rewarding early years practice. Written For: Students taking certificates, diplomas and degrees in early childhood education and practitioners working in the field of early childhood education and care