E-Business to the Power of 12: The Principles of .Competition

The Principles of .competition The changes wrought by the digital revolution already reach far. On a more fundamental level the information revolution is forcing companies to reconsider all aspects of their activities. People at all levels are finding that their working lives are changing drastically. FT, 1 October Ignoring the net could cost the life of your company. The distinction between e and business is blurring posthaste. Soon the majority of business will be e-business, and any forward looking professional needs to know how the market is shaping up and how it can be and is being exploited. No longer simply the domain of IT departments, e-commerce has gone mainstream. And there is a gold rush on to capitalise on it. Yet this gold rush is countered by a fear of the unknown and a lack of experience. Professionals need this vast arena to be broken down and distilled into the business as opposed to technolgical language. The 12 Ecommandments delivers an exploration guide. It simplifies e-commerce into a manageable 12-step business process. A 12-step business process that will become as fundamental as the four P's of marketing. A 12-step business process that will turn e-visions into realities. The 12 Principles* The first principle: Learning * The second principle: Planning business strategy * The third principle: Evaluation of system software * The fourth principle: Networking infrastructure * The fifth principle: Security * The sixth principle: Payment * The seventh principle: Buying * The eighth principle: Supplier portals * The ninth principle: Inventory and logistics * The tenth principle: The internet as ideal selling mechanism * The eleventh principle: Customer portals * The twelfth principle: Personalization