Dynamic Charcoal Drawing Lessons with Chris Wynter

Directly transfer your thoughts to paper with charcoal essentials Join renowned draftsman Chris Wynter for a one-on-one master workshop in charcoal. Work your way to more challenging techniques starting with the basics, including instruction on how to choose the best charcoal, paper, and other tools to showcase your skills. Enhance your control over this challenging medium-add drama and movement to your still lifes with the guide that shows you step by step. Take your artwork to exciting new heights: Make the most out of every mark-discover the subtle nuances you can get out of a single line or area of shadow. Set the mood for your piece-learn to use charcoal to evoke atmosphere, add texture, suggest space, and more. Bring enhanced variety to your lines-learn to hold your hand in certain ways to achieve your desired effect. And more! Capture your subject quickly and spontaneously in charcoal. Order your copy of this essential workshop today!