Dusty/complex Plasmas: Basic and Interdisciplinary Research

This conference proceedings would be of interest to physicists working in the fields of complex (dusty) plasmas, plasma applications, space plasmas, fusion plasmas, and soft matter. Dusty (complex) plasmas, i.e., plasmas containing micron sized particles such as dust grains, are ubiquitous they occur in various natural environments, e.g., in interstellar media, protoplanetary disks, magneto- and ionospheres of planets, cometary tails etc. On the other hand, they are employed as systems to study numerous fundamental processes occurring in plasmas as well as in condensed matter, such as waves and instabilities, liquid structure and dynamics, phase transitions, and so on. The term complex plasmas is broadly used in the literature to identify dusty plasmas specially designed for such laboratory investigations. Furthermore, dusty plasma research is important for various applications, like the formation of designer nano-particles, production of polymorphous silicon solar cells, cleaning of soot particles from waste lines, etc.