Drug Therapy in Rheumatology Nursing

Drug therapy management is a key topic for all nurses caring for patients with a rheumatologic condition. With nurses now required to prescribe, administer, monitor and review medication, this volume will help nurses develop their knowledge, skills and self-confidence to provide these services, while also advising on the benefits and risks of medication. This much-awaited second edition has been revised to address the changing face of clinical practice and distinct advances in this field, providing vital information on the latest drug treatments such as biological agents that suppress the disease and initiate remission, it will also advise on the use of selective and non-steroidal inflammatory drugs. Content is organised into comprehensive sections, with succinct chapters that discuss:* Rheumatologic conditions* Drug therapy* The role of the nurse* Patient education and adherence to drug therapy. In addition, new material explores biologic therapies; management of non-steroidal drugs; nurse prescribing; management of chronic pain; and case studies to inform clinical decision-making regarding drug therapy.