Drug Safety & Efficacy Set

This set covers absorption, distribution, metabolism, degradation, efficacy and toxicity issues associated with drugs. With the increasing regulatory requirements on the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products, this provides an essential guide for scientists involved in drug discovery and development and drug metabolism studies. It will also prove useful for regulators concerned with the safety evaluation of chemicals and postgraduate medicinal chemists. This set includes: Metabolism, Pharmacokinetics and Toxicity of Functional Groups: Impact of Chemical Building Blocks on ADMET Edited by D A Smith (978-1-84973-016-7, 2010, RSC Drug Discovery) New Horizons in Predictive Toxicology: Current Status and Application Edited by A G E Wilson (978-1-84973-051-8, 2011, RSC Drug Discovery) Cytochromes P450: Role in the Metabolism and Toxicity of Drugs and other Xenobiotics Edited by C Ioannides (978-0-85404-274-6, 2008, Issues in Toxicology) Comprehensive Biomarker Discovery and Validation for Clinical Application Edited by P Horvatovich and R Bischoff (978-1-84973-422-6, 2013, RSC Drug Discovery) Biomedical Imaging: The Chemistry of Labels, Probes and Contrast Agents Edited by M Braddock (978-1-84973-014-3, 2011, RSC Drug Discovery) Silver in Healthcare: Its Antimicrobial Efficacy and Safety in Use Edited by A B G Lansdown (978-1-84973-006-8, 2010, Issues in Toxicology) Designing Multi-Target Drugs Edited by J R Morphy and C J Harris (978-1-84973-362-5, 2012, RSC Drug Discovery) Nanostructured Biomaterials for Overcoming Biological Barriers Edited by M J Alonso and N S Csaba (978-1-84973-363-2, 2012, RSC Drug Discovery) Organic Chemistry of Drug Degradation Edited by M Li (978-1-84973-421-9, 2012, RSC Drug Discovery) Functional Polymers for Nanomedicine Edited by Y Shen (978-1-84973-620-6, 2013, RSC Polymer Chemistry Series) Chemical Toxicity Prediction: Category Formation and Read-Across Authored by M Cronin, J Madden, S Enoch and D Roberts (978-1-84973-384-7, 2013, Issues in Toxicology)