Drawing the Figure in Motion with Rob Liberace

Free yourself from stiff renderings of the human form and find the confidence to create your own representation of the model with this new must-have resource from American Artist. Join renowned artist Rob Liberace for a fast-paced yet comprehensive lesson in figure drawing as you learn how to keep your pieces lively and powerful with essential instruction in this exciting new guide. Get a front-row seat to this master class to: Sketch even more dimensionality into your figures-use pentimenti to transfer movement and action into every form. Create a more compelling drawing-learn to capture the depth of the shadow with Liberace's three identifiable components: ridge, reflection, and cast. Further develop your skills-discover important landmarks on the human form and learn to use line and shading to enhance your anatomical accuracy. Add richness and animation to your subject's poses-arrange your model to convey energy and torque as Rob does by twisting the model's torso for interesting angles. Draw a more interesting work of art-capture only a figure's vital and important elements and translate them through line and shadow. Illuminate your figure drawings with white pencil highlights-discover tips to following a pattern and also learn to use this technique to remove medium. Bring your figure drawings to life with essential lessons in crosshatching. With this exciting new DVD, you will learn to use purposeful diagonal angles and expert crosshatching techniques. Tackle new drawing techniques and employ a variety of lines with varying degrees of pressure; let your lines play and dance, melt away, and accentuate certain areas for realistic results. Transfer the energy that courses through all of us through line and shadow with this learner's guide.