Drawing Realistic Animals

Capture the beauty and elegance of animals in their element Join Patricia Traub for a 40-minute drawing demo and be inspired by the stunning results you can achieve with her easy-to-use sketching techniques. Discover the limitless possibilities of drawing from real life with the essential sketching techniques found in the newest Artist Daily resource: Drawing from Realistic Animals with Patricia Traub. Bring life to your artwork and become even more familiar with the animal form, gesture drawing, and developing the skills and patience it takes to draw animals. Discover the limitless possibilities of drawing from real life: Enhance the quality of each line with advice to transfer the subtleties and nuances of the animal form to paper. Simplify your process with insights on breaking down your subject into more easily manageable parts. Learn to skillfully adapt to large position changes-branch off of the form you have already captured and transition seamlessly with the animal. Fine-tune your practice with a guided drawing demo in the timeless 'old world masters' style of sketching techniques. Capture life as it happens and transfer that liveliness to paper with Traub's sketching techniques to avoiding stagnant renderings. Further develop your knowledge of animal anatomy to truly capture your subject with advice on how-to-draw animals from a master draftsman. Become even more flexible with the trajectory of your pieces using Traub's sketching techniques to easily adapt to moving subjects. Reflect Patricia Traub's classical style and use her training inspired by grand masters such as Leonardo, Rembrandt, Rosa Bonheur, and numerous others in your own work. Discover her time-tested approach and creating lively and beautiful artwork. Learn to create treasured pieces that reflect your love for animals with this must-have drawing demo!