Dragon Knights: v. 3

Paperback / softback
The demon hordes fear the power of the Dragon Knights and so plan to shift their focus from the retrieval of Nadil's head to the capture of Cesia, possessor of great power. However, the pint-sized Yokai, Zoma, overhears the plan and dedicates himself to protecting Cesia, whom he considers his only true friend. Meanwhile, Lykouleon's journey out from the Dragon Castle to retrieve the Dragon Knights (still under the assumption that they've lost Nadil's head) has been successful, and the trio returns to the Dragon Castle to find out that not only did Cesia rob them, but she is now part of the court. Of real concern, though, is the fact that the Yokai Bierrez has figured out a way to penetrate the protective shield around the Dragon Castle, which keeps out those of demon blood. In preparation for the impending battle, Rath looks for a new sword in the catacombs beneath the castle and discovers a secret deep within.