Dr. Spock's Baby & Childcare in India

Parents in the south Asian subcontinent have a lot of the same questions as parents everywhere, but they also face challenges that are unique to their environment. The pace of change means that, like it or not, as a parent in India today you must make choices: if you are a traditionalist, do you follow your family's traditions absolutely, or only part-way? If you are preparing your children to take their places in the world of tomorrow, how can you best do that? You may choose to emulate some aspects of parenting as it is done in the US or UK. But which aspects? How many children do you want? What roles will you, as mother and as father, play in their rearing? What talents do you want to nurture in them? More fundamentally, what values do you want them to embrace? Organised for fast and easy reference, and written in collaboration with Indian paediatricians, Dr Spock's landmark book includes the latest information on all aspects of child-rearing, from breastfeeding and first aid to talking to your child about personal issues. All Dr Spock's invaluable, time-tested advice is here, including the most current medical practices and advances in childcare, but tailored for an Indian market. More than ever before, this essential and classic work will help all parents face their many challenges and responsibilities with new confidence and joy. As Dr Spock always said: 'Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.'