Dots on the Map: Visiting Europe's Accidents of History

Colin Leckey embarked on a quixotic quest to visit Europe's five smallest states (Liechtenstein, San Marino, the Vatican City, Monaco and Andorra), and two smallest self-governing territories (the Faroe Islands and Gibraltar). Along the way, he hoped to discover the secrets behind their proud and enduring sovereignty in an increasingly borderless, globalised world. He did, and also found abseiling sheep, armies that clock off for lunch, and monkeys that'd have your belongings for breakfast as soon as look at you. Not to mention feudal monarchies, puffins for dinner, and a disturbingly large number of stamp museums. Colin Leckey was born in Lancaster, a town with a population larger than all of the countries on his trip except Andorra. He has lived in south London for the past five years. This is his first book (writing, not reading).