Dome Raiders: How Scotland Yard Foiled the Greatest Robbery of All Time

THE PRESS CALLED IT 'THE HEIST OF THE MILLENNIUM' AND 'A PLOT WORTHY OF JAMES BOND'. In 2000, a gang of villains from the South East of England hatched an audacious plan to steal the world's largest perfect diamond from the Millenium Dome in broad daylight and make their getaway by speedboat. The gang had figured out an ingenious way to breach the diamond vault but the execution was reliant on timing, brute force and a JCB digger. Had they succeeded, it would have made the spoils of the Great Train Robbery and Brinks Mat look like loose change. They came within a whisker of unimaginable wealth, but it was snatched from under them by one of the most daring police operations ever. Here is the thrilling and dramatic full story of the robbery - as told by the detective who foiled their plans. Experience the electrifying attacks, the jaw-dropping guile of the villains, the nerves needed for the stakeout and the final, nail-biting confrontation inside the Dome.