Domain Decomposition Methods in Scientific and Engineering Computing

This book contains proceedings from the Seventh International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods, held at Pennsylvania State University in October 1993. The term 'domain decomposition' has for nearly a decade been associated with the partly iterative, partly direct algorithms explored in the proceedings of this conference. Noteworthy trends in the current volume include progress in dealing with so-called 'bad parameters' in elliptic partial differential equation problems, as well as developments in partial differential equations outside of the elliptically-dominated framework. Also described here are convergence and complexity results for novel discretizations, which bring with them new challenges in the derivation of appropriate operators for coarsened spaces. Implementations and architectural considerations are discussed, as well as partitioning tools and environments.In addition, the book describes a wide array of applications, from semiconductor device simulation to structural mechanics to aerodynamics. Presenting many of the latest results in the field, this book offers readers an up-to-date guide to the many facets of the theory and practice of domain decomposition.