Doing News: Approaches for the 21st Century

Mixed media product
Doing News foregrounds active exploration, simulation and independent student enquiry to investigate key media concepts and practices. The pack offers exciting production tasks, case studies and lively approaches to analysing print, online and TV news. Resources have been carefully selected to prompt discussion of a variety of issues and debates about the ways news is understood, used, produced, and represented. 224-page print resource * Structured analytic activities for GCSE English and Media Studies on contextualising news languages across a range of formats and media. * Investigations into newspaper readership, marketing and ownership, useful for GCSE and A Level Media Studies. * Provocative approaches to news regulation, institutions and technologies, tackled through historical overviews, role-plays, simulations and mini-case studies of particular interest to Media A Level students. * Opportunities, through production work and research, to debate and critically evaluate news values, editorial dilemmas, and cross-media representations of celebrity, and local and international news events. * Many activities raise issues relevant to Citizenship, General Studies and Sociology.* Challenging activities designed to develop critical and independent research skills. 100-minute DVD * 24-hour news coverage of Prince Harry's fancy-dress faux pas. * Historic TV newspaper advertisements and BBC title sequences. * Extracts from five TV news clips broadcast on the same day, for analysis and comparison. * Case study extracts exploring the representation of major international news stories including 9/11, the Michael Jackson trial and the fall of Kabul. * Interviews with Jon Snow, journalists and writers from The Independent, and with campaigning journalist Yvonne Ridley.