Doing Business Beyond America's Borders: The Do's, Don'ts, and Other Details of Conducting Business in 40 Different Countries

Your Complete Guide to Doing Business Around the World Discover a whole new world of eager consumers, ready financing, and high margins as international trade expert Lawrence Tuller uncovers incredible opportunities that await you beyond America's borders. Empowering you to compete with giant transnational corporations, Tuller reveals the critical steps, tactics, and tools to help you expertly navigate the business landscape of more than 40 countries. Begin your new venture equipped with a complete primer covering global financial systems, trade pacts, cultural and interrelational anomalies, negotiations, language barriers, and more. Master proven concepts, develop strong overseas relationships, tap into key resources, and SUCCESSFULLY CONDUCT BUSINESS ABROAD. There's a world of opportunity just beyond our borders. Reach out and grab it! Learn: Which markets have the highest demand for your products The best ways to sell your products overseas The most cost-effective means of transportation Foolproof payment systems How to find low-cost production materials and labor How to deal with unique cultural anomalies and foreign languages The risks, barriers and legalities and much more Packed with the latest research, illustrative examples and anecdotes, worksheets and more!