Dog Behavior Problems: The Counselor's Handbook

Paperback / softback
Whether you are currently conducting behavior consultations or planning to enter the field, this handbook offers invaluable insights and guidance fro m one of the world's leading pet dog behavior counselors. From the nitty-gritty of organizing and marketing your practice ethically to developing the three "key" human qualities shared by successful, effective counselors, this is the first comprehensive guide for professionals. Reveals what really qualifies pet professionals to consult with troubled dog owners. The dog owner's perspective about problems is explored in depth. The client's expectations about behavior counseling brings forth powerful motivators, and the successful counselor's perception of dogs and owners is revealed. Includes how to get all the vital facts from clients, how to motivate clients toward realistic dog behavior goals, how to organize meetings & behavior programs, right down to seating arrangements, dealing with euthanasia, setting up and establishing your counseling career, and how to study quickly, effectively and then apply and retain the information.