Do You Want to Know a Secret?: A Fab Anthology of Beatles Facts

6 july 1957; St Peter's parish church, Woolton; a garden fete; an unlikely venue for rock'n'roll revolution, but, at 4:15pm. a performance by schoolboy skiffle band the Quarry Men (later rechristened Johnny and the Moondogs, then the Silver Beetles and finally ...well, you know who) will alter the course of musical history. Do You Want to Know a Secret? takes a trivia-tastic look at the Beatles' life and legacy: from strange-but-true facts to urban myths shattered; from legendary readio and TV apperances to what you can hear if you listen really closely to their recordings; from improtant figures in the Beatles' lives to rampant surrealism in their lyrics. It's all here - the drugs, the madness, the MBE's ...but above all the music. Packed with fascinating and offbeat facts and trivia, Do You Want to Know a Secret? is an accessible and original guide to a 1960's popular beat combo who just happened to change the world of music ...forever. And a splendid time is guarenteed for all. This is an unofficial guide and was researched and written without the direct involvement of any of the members of the Beatles or their estates.