Divorced from the Mob: My Journey from Organized Crime to Independent Woman

Andrea Giovino breaks the Mafia's code of silence and describes the life of a woman born and bred into the Family, and her inspirational escape. Her defiant struggle to break free of her family's criminal legacy is by turns horrifying and heartbreaking. As a child in Brooklyn, Giovino watched her brother become a hit man and helped her mother host card games for local mafiosos. As a sexy, street-smart woman, she earned a seat at nightclub tables next to John Gotti, and took an emotional and bloody ride through organized crime that no HBO series could match. At home, she fought to keep her children safe--keeping the guns out of reach, washing bloodstains out of her husband's clothes--and maintain the household's front as a model of American domesticity. Murders, a DEA setup, and FBI wiretaps finally brought Giovino to the brink of prison. Defiantly, she chose to retain her identity, facing down threats against her life and courageously separating herself and her children from the world of organized crime.