Discrete Mathematics in the Schools

This volume is a collection of articles written by experienced primary, secondary, and collegiate educators. The book explains why discrete mathematics should be taught in K-12 classrooms and offers practical guidance on how to do so. In this book, teachers at all levels will find a great deal of valuable material to help them introduce discrete mathematics in their classrooms. One main article provides a comprehensive and detailed view of discrete mathematics for K-12. Another surveys the resources that are available for teachers. School and district curriculum leaders will find material that addresses how discrete mathematics can be introduced into their curricula. College faculty members will find ideas and topics that can be incorporated into a variety of courses.It features: classroom activities and an annotated list of resources; authors who are directors of innovative programs and who are well known for their work; a description of discrete mathematics providing the opportunity for a fresh start for students who have been previously unsuccessful in mathematics; discussion on discrete mathematics as it is used to achieve the goals of the current effort to improve mathematics education; guidance on topics, resources and teaching; and a valuable guide for both pre-service and in-service professional development.