Directory of Healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations: 2015

This comprehensive directory provides the important data you need to get in touch with over 600 Group Purchasing Organizations and the 13,000+ member institutions that they represent. By providing in-depth information on this growing market and its members, The Directory of Health Care Group Purchasing Organizations fills a major need for the most accurate and comprehensive information on over 600 GPOs- Mailing Address, Phone & Fax Numbers, E-mail Addresses, Key Contacts, Purchasing Agents, Group Descriptions, Membership Categorization, Standard Vendor Proposal Requirements, Membership Fees & Terms, Expanded Services, Total Member Beds & Outpatient Visits and more. Five Indexes provide a number of ways to locate the right GPO: Alphabetical Index, Expanded Services Index, Organization Type Index, Geographic Index and Member Institution Index. With its comprehensive and detailed information on each purchasing organization, The Directory of Health Care Group Purchasing Organizations is the go-to source for anyone looking to target this market.