Digital Qualitative Research Methods

The field of digital methods for qualitative research is a rapidly developing one. More and more researchers are researching the social, cultural, political, anthropological and other dimensions of computer-mediated communication (CMC), or using CMC as a means of generating and analysing research data. There is now a proliferating diversity of terms, including digital methods, online methods, virtual ethnography, hypermedia methods, and so forth, that requires clarification and classification. This four-volume set brings together the most important and influential articles that have been published in this area and which enable the reader to understand the implications of digital technology for all aspects and phases of qualitative research design and dissemination. There are eight main sections to the volumes, two in each volume: Volume One: Mapping the Field of Digital Qualitative Research Methods 1. Online Research Methods 2. Researching Online Communication Volume Two: Multimedia and Hypermedia 3. Hypertext and Hypermedia Applications 4. Multimedia and Multimodality Volume Three: Data Analysis in Digital Applications 5. Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis 6. Data Analysis in Sound, Vision and Multimedia Volume Four: Collaboration, Sharing and Ethics in Digital Research 7. Data Sharing and Collaboration 8. Research Ethics in the Digital Age