Digital Portrait Photography and Lighting: Take Memorable Shots Every Time

Portraits preserve people Since the earliest portraits were scratched onto cave walls, we've developed increasingly sophisticated tools for capturing human likenesses. Yet the motivation has changed little -- to freeze a human image as an art form, a means of communication, a piece of personal history. Whether formalized with elaborate settings and lighting or snapped at the beach to hold forever the pure joy in a child's face, portraits preserve people. Today's digital technology offers flexibility, economy, and almost limitless tools for perfecting your images, and these experts help you use it. Discover the skills you need to move from serious amateur to professional photographer Learn how a snapshot differs from a casual portrait Identify what you want your portrait to communicate Investigate lighting equipment and how to use it in different scenarios Use natural or mixed light to create unique effects Explore composition, posing, and handling challenges Handle props, backgrounds, color, location shooting, and studio shots Work with groups, children, and pets Perfect image-editing methods and final-touch processes that produce high-quality, professional images Find resources that can help you in setting up your own portrait business