Differential Equations and the Stokes Phenomenon

This volume is the record of a workshop on differential equations and the Stokes phenomenon, held in May 2001 at the University of Groningen. It contains expanded versions of most of the lectures given at the workshop. To a large extent, both the workshop and the book may be regarded as a sequel to a conference held in Groningen in 1995 which resulted in the book The Stokes Phenomenon and Hilbert's 16th Problem (B L J Braaksma, G K Immink and M van der Put, editors), also published by World Scientific (1996).Both books offer a snapshot concerning the state of the art in the areas of differential, difference and q-difference equations. Apart from the asymptotics of solutions, Painleve properties and the algebraic theory, new topics addressed in the second book include arithmetic theory of linear equations, and Galois theory and Lie symmetries of nonlinear differential equations.