Die Renaissance der Stadte in Nordsyrien und Nordmesopotamien: Stadtische Entwicklung und Wirtschaftliche Bedingungen in ar-Raqqa und Harran von der Zeit der Beduinischen Vorherrschaft Bis zu den Seldschuken

The period between 950 and 1150 A.D. is regarded as turning point in the history of the Islamic Culture from the Early Islamic to the Late Medieval civilization Harran and al-Raqqa serve as paradigma for the development in Northern Syria and Northern Mesopotamia. After 1086 A.D., measures undertaken by the Seljuqs in order to safeguard their hegemony led to a renaissance of cities inspite of permanent power struggles and the crusades. An analysis of the monetary circulation according to archaeological and literal evidence serves as measure for the economic recovery. A corpus of the coin production in al-Raqqa, Harran and al-Ruha'/Edessa supplements the textual sources.