Dictionary of the American West

Did you ever need to spell dogie (as in, get-along-little) or need to know what a sakey is? This is the book that can tell you how to spell, pronounce, and define over 5,000 terms relative to the American West.Want to know what a breachy cow is? Turn to page 43 to learn that it's an adjective used to describe a cow that has a tendency to find her way through fences where she isn't supposed to be. It describes some teenagers we know!Spend hours perusing the dictionary at random, or read straight through to get a flavor of the West from its beginnings to contemporary days. Laced with photographs and maps, the Dictionary of the American West will make you sound like an expert on all things western, even if you don't know a dingus from a dinner plate.Compiled of words brought into English from Native Americans, emigrants, Mormons, Hispanics, migrant workers, loggers, and fur trappers, the dictionary opens up history and culture in an enchanting way. From Aarigaa! to zopilote, the Dictionary of the American West is a valuable book, a treasure for any literate American's library. - Tony Hillerman.