Diamonds in the Coalfields: 21 Remarkable Baseball Players, Managers and Umpires from the Northeast Pennsylvania

Paperback / softback
Between 1876 and 1960, nearly 100 northeastern Pennsylvanians played, managed, coached or umpired in the major leagues. Many were the sons of immigrant coal miners and living and working conditions in America were quite different from what they had been used to Baseball became an important part of the assimilation process and it thrived as a church-sponsored form of recreation and entertainment for the coal miners and their families This work explores the childhood, and minor and major league experiences of Christy Mathewson, Stan Coveleski, Stanley Bucky Harris, Hughie Jennings, Fd Walsh, Nestor Chylak, Joe Bolinsky, Jake Daubert, John Buck Freeman, Mike Gazella, Pete Wyshner John Edward Murphy, Steve O'Neill, John Picus, Joe Lefty Shaute, Steve Bilko, Harry Dorish, Bob Dutiba Joe Professor Ostrowski, and Stan Pawloski - 21 players managers, and umpires who exemplify the great talent, dedication, humility, and hardship that many northeastern Pennsylvanians experienced.