Diagrammatic Morphisms and Applications: AMS Special Session on Diagrammatic Morphisms in Algebra, Category Theory, and Topology, October 21-22, 2000, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California

The technique of diagrammatic morphisms is an important ingredient in comprehending and visualizing certain types of categories with structure. It was widely used in this capacity in many areas of algebra, low-dimensional topology and physics. It was also applied to problems in classical and quantum information processing and logic. This volume contains articles based on talks at the Special Session, 'Diagrammatic Morphisms in Algebra, Category Theory, and Topology', at the AMS Sectional Meeting in San Francisco. The articles describe recent achievements in several aspects of diagrammatic morphisms and their applications. Some of them contain detailed expositions on various diagrammatic techniques. The introductory article by D. Yetter is a thorough account of the subject in a historical perspective.