Developments in Russian Politics 6

Taking as its starting point the elections of 2000 and 2004, Developments in Russian Politics 6 brings together all new, specially commissioned essays by leading experts to provide a wide-ranging assessment of Russian politics under Vladimir Putin. The contributors provide succinct overviews of aspects of contemporary Russia's political landscape, including presidential power, parliamentary politics, elections and voters, political parties, federalism, regional politics, the media, the economy, and social and foreign policy. Clearly and accessibly written, Developments in Russian Politics remains the first-choice text for students and anyone seeking a reliable and current introduction to the politics of the world's largest state. Contributors. Alfred B. Evans, Zvi Gitelman, Gordon Hahn, Margot Light, Michael McFaul, Sarah Oates, Thomas F. Remington, Peter Rutland, Richard Sakwa, Robert Sharlet, Darrell Slider, Judy Twigg, Stephen White, John P. Willerton