Developmental Reading Assessment Second Edition Plus Kit Grade K/3 Copyright 2012

DRA2+ provides teachers with a proven diagnostic reading assessment that not only establishes each student's reading level but also gives the teacher a Focus for Classroom Instruction designed to assist students' progression to the next reading level. Students and teachers meet in a one-on-one conference - giving the teacher invaluable insight as to each student's strengths and weaknesses Progress Monitoring now included! Teachers are now able to monitor progress during a brief conference with struggling readers, providing a great tool to measure the effectiveness of current intervention strategies DRA2's assessment of reading comprehension is the most extensive of any assessment; truly designed to provide teacher's guidance in pinpointing areas of need The research-based and validated Developmental Reading Assessment K-3 by Joetta Beaver and Primary Classroom Teachers helps you pinpoint students' strengths and abilities as readers in a quick, one-on-one conference.Now in its second edition, DRA2 for grades K-3 has added a fluency component that provides a WPM fluency rate, streamlines the assessment for easier use, and includes several new and revised Benchmark Books, a revised Teacher Guide, a simplified Focus for Instruction, and Continuums to match each assessment text incorporated in the Teacher Observation Guides. In addition, this package also includes Word Analysis to help you assess 40 important skills in the areas of Phonological Awareness, Metalanguage, Letter/Word Recognition, Phonics, and Structural Analysis and Syllabication. You can also administer DRA k/3 on a handheld device - learn more here. View the DRA2 Virtual Brochure. Download the DRA2 Virtual Brochure.