Developmental Reading Assessment Second Edition Plus Kit Grade 4/8 Copyright 2012

DRA2+ provides teachers with a proven diagnostic reading assessment that not only establishes each student's reading level but also gives the teacher a Focus for Classroom Instruction designed to assist students' progression to the next reading level. Students and teachers meet in a one-on-one conference - giving the teacher invaluable insight as to each student's strengths and weaknesses Progress Monitoring now included! Teachers are now able to monitor progress during a brief conference with struggling readers, providing a great tool to measure the effectiveness of current intervention strategies DRA2's assessment of reading comprehension is the most extensive of any assessment; truly designed to provide teacher's guidance in pinpointing areas of need Through national field-test studies, the Developmental Reading Assessment for Grades 4-8 by Joetta Beaver and Mark Carter has proven to be as effective as the popular DRA K-3 for determining students' independent reading levels and guiding reading instruction. This new second edition incorporates the DRA Bridge Pack to seamlessly allow accurate assessment of students reading below fourth-grade level. In addition, the new second edition has added soft covers and more durable binding to the Benchmark Books. You can also administer DRA 4/8 on a handheld device - learn more here. View the DRA2 Virtual Brochure. Download the DRA2 Virtual Brochure.