Development Theory: Deconstructions/Reconstructions

This exciting book is a tour de force, spanning a broad range of approaches to development. It does not stop at critique, as so many previous books on these issues have done, but offers a unique perspective on future possibilities and the shape of things to come. It should be essential reading on all development studies courses . - Andrea Cornwall, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex Praise for the previous edition: This marvellous book should be read by every social scientist interested in development studies . - Keith Griffin, University of California, Riverside This is the second edition of this successful book. Written by one of the leading authorities in the field, it: * Situates students in the expanding field of development theory. *Provides an unrivalled guide to the strengths and weaknesses of competing theoretical approaches. *Explains key concepts. *Examines the shifts in theory. *Offers an agenda for the future. Jan Nederveen brings together a huge range of experience and knowledge about the relationship between the economically advanced and the emerging, developing nations.