Les Deux Reformes Chretiennes: Propagation et Diffusion

This book provides an important contribution to the understanding of the significant religious changes that took place in the course of the sixteenth century. The studies in this volume cover a wide range of subjects which reveal a common source in the methods of propaganda. With contributions by Denis Crouzet, Francis Higman, Marianne Carbonnier-Burkard, Marc Venard, Bernard Roussel, Jean Loup Lemaitre, Alain Tallon, Leonardo Cohen, Nadine Kuperty-Tsur, Max Engammare, Francois Lestringant, Nicole Hochner, Raymond A. Mentzer, Robert Sauzet, Myriam Greilsammer, Nicole Lemaitre, Jacques Le Brun, Pierre Bonniffet, Edith Weber, Roger Zuber, Isabelle Martin and Gabriel Guarino