Designing a Not-for-profit Compensation System

'JoAnn Senger has gone out of the box to address fundamental compensation issues too-often ignored in the public and not-for-profit sectors. She peels away the 'second-class citizen' label and provides effective compensation structures that reward top performers' - Jonathan Fraser, Light Senior Partner, Nordman, Cormany, Hair & Compton. This title offers a step-by-step plan to design and manage a compensation system for not-for-profit organizations. Written by recognized not-for-profit human resource specialist JoAnn Senger, Designing a Not-For-Profit Compensation System provides a step-by-step method to help human resource professionals design and manage a successful compensation system for any public or not-for-profit organization. When it comes to compensation systems, the not-for-profit sector is rife with complexities, including legislative approval requirements and the board of directors' direct involvement in compensation matters. Addressing these and other unique obstacles, Designing a Not-For-Profit Compensation System : defines various types of not-for-profit and public organizations; identifies current types of compensation structures and organizational characteristics influencing the usefulness of each structure, including the organization's budgeting and accounting processes and timetables; covers maintenance for all compensation structures and the interaction among organizational units; and, details the usefulness of each compensation structure, including midpoint calculations, rate adjustments, variable pay, and market surveys.