Depression: A Primer for Practitioners

'The idea of a highly accessible resource on depression is a good one... It fills an important gap in the literature and represents a very helpful addition to the library of clinicians - expert and non-expert alike - who could benefit from an accessible, up-to-date primer (or refresher) in the formulation, diagnosis and treatment of depression' - Stephen Swallow, Ph.D., Private Practice, Oakville, Ontario 'While there have been lengthy handbooks and a variety of specialized books, I do not think anyone has had quite the idea of writing a primer. It combines research and practice in a very interesting manner... The up-to-date research is one of the major strengths. The authors clearly know their material and are conversant with the major findings of the field... It reflects a masterful knowledge of the current literature and communicates it very well' - Ed Beckham, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist. Psychiatric Associations, Inc Every health-care provider and mental-health professional will encounter clients struggling with depression, yet many of these professionals do not receive a thorough grounding on theory, research, and clinical guidelines regarding depression, and those who do sometimes have trouble keeping abreast of the literature. This book provides a handy reference for such practitioners. Features/Benefits - Use of realistic composite Case Studies to open each chapter and to serve as an anchor to illustrate discussion throughout the chapter. - Discussion of treatment issues and clinical guidelines for psychotherapy, including ethical, practical, and training issues. - Chapter Summaries and Clinical Guidelines in handy bulleted format to conclude each chapter. - Annotated Suggested Readings and thorough references guiding readers to more in-depth resources.